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Basic MRI Safety Training To Prevent Accidents and Injuries:
Level 1 MR Personnel
Released: April 01, 2015 Expires: CE credits: Cost: $30.00
Faculty: Frank G. Shellock, PhD, FACC, FACR, FACSM

The Basic MRI Safety Training Program provides basic information regarding MRI technology, describes common hazards and unique dangers associated with the MRI environment, and presents guidelines and recommendations to prevent accidents and injuries. This training program is appropriate for medical and other personnel who may occasionally or periodically encounter MRI facilities as part of their employment and emphasizes the potential hazards of the MRI environment and the necessary safety precautions that particularly impact such groups. Internationally respected, MRI safety researcher and educator, Frank G. Shellock, PhD developed this comprehensive, 50-minute program.

Internationally respected, MRI safety researcher and educator, Dr. Frank G. Shellock developed this comprehensive, 50-minute program specifically to educate Level 1 MR Personnel as defined by the American College of Radiology.

Learning Objectives

After completing the Introduction to MRI Safety Training Program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of MRI as a diagnostic imaging modality
  • Identify the hazards and dangers related to the MRI environment
  • Describe the possible risks associated with MRI examinations
  • Explain the reasons for the screening procedure required for an individual and patient prior to being allowed into to the MRI environment or to undergo an MRI examination
  • Describe guidelines and recommendations to prevent accidents and injuries in the MRI environment

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Eliminating Medical Errors in Radiology:
Performance Improvement Series - Volume Two
Released: June 01, 2015 Expires: December 31, 2017 CE credits: 3 Cost: $60.00
Faculty: Joann C. Wilcox, RN, MSN, LNC

It is essential that all who work in healthcare, particularly those who provide care and services to hospitalized patients, become actively involved in the identification and reporting of errors and in the development of approaches and solutions to avoid the commission of medical errors. The magnitude and the impact of these medical errors make this a problem for everyone and not one that can be resolved by a committee or a variety of project teams. The responsibility rests with each and every person in the system.

Authors today are openly addressing the issue of accountability in the provision of care to patients and, “most doctors and hospital administrators agree that accountability is a good thing” (Makary, 2012 p. 193). Identifying and reporting of errors is an essential demonstration of accountability. It is also recognized that assuming this accountability and ramifications of identifying and reporting errors takes considerable time that many practitioners do not believe is available to them. Using technology to assist in these processes and depending on all members of the team to help each other achieve this level of accountability can make these behaviors a part of one’s daily practice and belief systems.

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