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Applied Radiology Continuing Education Center is an online educational resource delivering high-quality interactive learning experiences that are tailored for the medical professional.

At AR Online, the educational experience is focused on you, the Healthcare Professional. We invite you to let AR Online access your educational needs, tailor your learning experience, and deliver the education you want, when you need it.

A review of the role of external-beam radiation therapy in nonmelanomatous skin cancer
Mycosis fungoides involving head and neck mucosal sites: Review of the literature
Applied hepatobiliary scintigraphy in chronic gallbladder diseases
Imaging of intracranial hemorrhage: Subarachnoid hemorrhage and its sequelae
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Special Programs

Frank G. Shellock Photo
Frank G. Shellock
Advanced MRI Safety Training For
Healthcare Professionals - 2017 Edition

Level 2 MR Personnel
Credits: 2.5 •  Run Time: 146 Minutes  •  Fee: $50.00
Basic MRI Safety Training - 2017 Edition
Level 1 MR Personnel
Credits: 1 • Run Time: 53 Minutes  •  Fee: $30.00
Introduction to MRI Safety - 2017 Edition
Letter of Participation  •  Run Time: 38 Minutes  •  Fee: $15.00

Featured CME/CE Programs

Philips Healthcare Supported Webinars
4 Part Contrast Webcasts and On-Demand Webinars
DR Technology Advances for the Domains of Care

On-Demand CME/CE

FREE CE/CME webinars available

In this Expert Forum webcast Dr. Dushyant Sahani, Massachusetts General Hospital and Prof. Xavier Montet, Geneva University Hospital aim to provide a brief history of the evolution of the power injector and a look at how new equipment can save time, money and increase the opportunity for patient safety in your CT suite.

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Laszlo Mechtler, MD, FAAN
Medical Director,
Dent Neurologic Institute
Chief of Neurology,
Roswell Park Cancer Institute

In this CME/CE Accredited Expert Forum Webcast, Dr. Mechtler will share his clinical insights, best practices and protocols for utilizing fast MRI methods in a cost effective manner in neuroimaging.

This program has been made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Philips Healthcare.

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Terence A. Matalon, MD
Chairman, Department of Radiology
Einstein Healthcare Network
Professor of Radiology
Sidney Kimmel Medical College
at Thomas Jefferson University

Jonas Rydberg, MD
Professor of Diagnostic Radiology
Indiana University School of Medicine
Medical Director Radiology
IU Health Methodist Hospital

This webcast originally aired live in July 2015 and focuses on the use of Iterative Reconstruction (IR) & Model-Based IR techniques to maximize image quality and reduce noise while allowing you to image at dose reductions of 40-50%.

This program has been made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Philips Healthcare.

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Elizabeth A. Rafferty, MD
Director of Breast Imaging Programs
L&M Radiology
Medical Director,
Women's Health Imaging,
Andover, Massachusetts

Aron J. Belfer, MD
Breast Imaging CDB-Premium
Sao Paulo, Brazil

In this recently updated two-part webcast series, Dr. Rafferty and Dr. Belfer review the current literature in their 2015 Update to the original presentations. You will learn how synthesized 2-D imaging is used in conjunction with tomosynthesis imaging and review the recent clinical data regarding its continued performance.

Programs have been made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from HOLOGIC.

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